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Starting a global conversation on our personal health data

My Data Our Health is a global campaign by Transform Health starting a public and political conversation on the following questions:

  • Who determines how our health data is collected, managed, stored and disposed of?

  • What are the limits of this authority?

  • How can we ensure this data is being used for public benefit purposes?

  • How much access and control do and should individuals have over their health data?

  • How can we ensure this ownership and control is respected and protected?

The campaign engaged community-based organisations in East & West Africa (in its pilot stage) to mobilise their communities to build public awareness and demand action from local and national decision-makers. As the Communications & Engagement Manager, my job was to translate the technical issue of health data governance into one that felt personal, relatable, and urgent to everyday people and inspire them to take action for it. I did this by crafting simple and impactful key messages, creating an engaging brand, and offering resources that were not only directly usable but also amendable to modification and further use by the community-based organisations we were engaging in the campaign.

Design & Branding

For this campaign, we created a sub-brand to the colourful Transform Health main brand. The sub-brand took on a more youthful look, as the campaign was aimed at primarily young people, and also was one that worked across languages and geographies. The campaign logo was made in four languages to start with – English, French, Spanish and Swahili, with a potential of two more languages to be added at a later stage – Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia.

We engaged a wonderful Guatamalan design agency called VCH Studios for the brand – I can't recommend them enough! 

My Data Our Health_English.png
My Data Our Health_Español.png
My Data Our Health_Swahili (2).png
Communication assets with a focus on replicability

While Transform Health provided the design and messaging framework for this campaign, we wanted to build a campaign that gave our partners the independence to build their own assets, create context-specific messages and tell stories that spoke to their communities –while staying true to the brand. We also wanted to make it as easy as possible for our partners to use our assets – many of them had limited resources and small comms teams, often without designers and other creative staff in-house. 

Instead of sharing only raw design files, we decided to use Google Slides, to enable partners to copy and edit posters directly on an application most of them were extremely comfortable using. With our great design team at VCH Studios, we created a presentation deck that contained posters and assets, as well as template posters with editable text boxes and copy-pastable design elements that partners could use to design their own files – all on Google Slides! This is one of my favourite projects for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Below, you can find assets created both by Transform Health as well as our partners who adapted the messaging to their own communities and issues. 

This campaign is currently in progress – check back here later for more updates!

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